Employment Opportunities

Financial Administrative Assistant

Reports to: Director of Operations, Executive Director and Board of Directors

The Financial Administrative Assistant position will entail preparing reports, stats and financial paperwork for the board as well as some department managers. This role will help assist the Executive Director, along with the other 3 directors with clerical duties at the physical office as well as remotely. Some of these items include but are not limited to; preparing/overseeing payroll, paying invoices, creating invoices, preparing and analyzing monthly financials using Quickbooks, managing state and federal taxes as well as work comp payments and assisting in filing our yearly taxes. This position will also help with insurance questions and keeping updated physical and electronic files of all paperwork. Bi-weekly deposits along with sending in any donation information to our donation recorder that we receive in the mail or at the office. Filing paperwork at the office when needed and scanning in necessary vet records or other materials someone may need. Understanding the inner workings of the rescue will be necessary to perform this job successfully. During the time that you are working at the office, you may help assist fosters or people stopping in as well as have oversight on office supplies. You will be responsible for keeping inventory and ordering all on site office supplies.

Specific Job Skills and Requirements:

  • Associate's Degree in Accounting and three (3) years of related payroll accounting/treasury experience.
  • Working knowledge of principles of payroll accounting, treasury operation and the general accounting process; working knowledge of modern office methods, procedures and equipment.
  • Ability to keep routine financial records and to prepare routine financial reports; ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing; ability to create effective working relationships with employees and other departments.
  • Must be proficient in Quickbooks. Quickbooks for nonprofits is a plus.
  • Must be able to communicate objectives and goals in a professional manner.
  • Ability to work courteously and cooperatively with all members of RSR and the public. Collaboration skills are a must to value differences, build rapport and discuss Ruff Start policies, procedures and changes effectively.
  • Work as a team player, supporting the overall goals of the organization.
  • Must always keep in mind what is best, financially, for the rescue.
  • Strong interpersonal skills - outgoing, patient, professional, and able to get along well with a variety of people.
  • Access to internet at least 1-2 times a day. Must have a laptop to bring with to meetings and while working on site.
  • Smartphone is a must with access to Google Drive, and Gmail.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work in a fast paced environment under sometimes tight deadlines.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to read, write, and understand English.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Windows and office, especially word and excel
  • Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision and direction.

Job Duties:

  • Reconcile and process for payment payroll related disbursements; taxes, retirement, life insurance, deferred compensation, dues, long term disability, insurance premium billing.
  • Prepare forms for the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Employment Security and State Tax Commission.
  • Input and verify payroll master file maintenance data; input, reconcile and update payroll hours for payment; Preparing payroll and assessing time cards; working with our payroll company
  • Preparing weekly deposits to the bank
  • Keep all files updated and in order on site
  • Process vendors purchase orders, invoices and payments
  • Perform data entry tasks and created reports
  • Monitor bank account activity using internet and QuickBooks
  • Preparing month end financials and inputting the data into Quickbooks
  • Running Reports using Quickbooks to disperse to the finance team
  • Uploading all invoice receipts into Google Drive (scanned, emailed, faxed).
  • Sending donation information to the donation department
  • Filing and/or scanning in paperwork at the office (mostly vetting paperwork and invoices)
  • Inputting data into Google Drive for financials
  • Keeping up with paying in state and federal taxes
  • Paying workmans comp payments as well as making sure everything is up to date
  • Helping assist with insurance setup, questions, and contacting our insurance agency if needed.
  • Making sure we receive receipts for all payments made or due. Keeping everything on file, physical and electronic filing needed.
  • Maintain documentation files for review by auditors
  • Random clerical and administrative tasks that are needed from the Executive Director
  • Gathering invoices for the grant coordinator if needed.
  • Misc. emails to internal members collecting information (signed policies, surveys, forms, etc)
  • All RSR Voicemails that come in through the day - forward and delegate - ensure someone responded and is calling them back
  • All of the info@rsr emails that come in - forward to correct PCs or person
  • Setup all RescueGroups Permissions for internal volunteers
  • Deprovision process for RSR email when an internal volunteer leaves
  • Keep inventory and order all office supplies on site.
  • Conduct weekly unsubscribe procedure for those who opt out of emails
  • Upload all new volunteer forms into Drive folder
  • Transfer Paypal $ into bank every week.
  • Keep up with Username and Password Spreadsheets
  • Call back voicemails regarding any type of positions or misc questions
  • When issues arise regarding security cameras, phone lines, verizon booster, etc help to resolve the issue and with the companies to assist.

Availability: Ability and willingness to allow for a flexible schedule is key. The time commitment for this position is 40+ hours per week. Depending on the workload some weeks may only be 40 hours, but plan on heavy workload weeks as well. Monday - Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm

How to apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "Financial Administrative Assistant" in the subject line.
**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**

Volunteer Opportunities

Board Member

Board Member

Reports to: Board Chair

Role: To serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors

Term:Two Years

Time Expectations:

  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings.
  • Participate actively in one or more committees of the board. Provide feedback and input to committee reports.
  • Attend scheduled board retreats, planning meetings, workshops and other board development activities.
  • Attend, support and participate in at least two signature organizational events, the annual holiday event, and the fundraising gala.
  • Ability to check your organizational email several times per week and respond in a timely manner.



  • Show passion in furthering the mission of Ruff Start Rescue®.
  • Stay informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs.
    • Engage actively in strategic and policy-making decisions.
  • Make a personal annual financial contribution of at least $1,000 and assist the organization in finding additional donation sources.
  • Participate and support any capital campaigns.
  • Follow developments in community, economy, government, etc., that may affect the organization.
  • Promote the organization to others and participate in fundraising.
  • Build working relationships that contribute to consensus.
  • Suggest nominees to the board who can make significant contributions.
  • Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring adequate financial resources; oversee financial and risk management.
  • Select, evaluate, appoint and, if necessary, terminate the Executive Director.
  • Monitor the community and professional image of the organization and provide feedback to the board and leadership.



  • Board members have no individual authority separate from the board.
  • Board members are expected to support decisions of the board, regardless of personal desires and/or opinions.



  • Devote adequate time to faithfully perform the responsibilities of being a board member.
  • Set policies for organizational operation.
  • Establish fiscal policy and boundaries, including budgets and financial controls.
  • Provide adequate resources for the activities of the organization through a commitment to fundraising.
  • Develop and maintain a communication link to the community by acting as an advocate.
  • Ensure that the organization's Articles and Bylaws are being followed.
  • Be familiar with the organization's goals, objectives and programs.
  • Read preparation materials prior to each board meeting.
  • Make sure the organization keeps a written, permanent record of all board official actions.
  • Be certain the organization is fulfilling all aspects of its nonprofit and tax-exempt status.
  • Know the budget, budget process and financial situation of the organization.
  • Pursue action if there are warning signs that something is wrong.
  • Ask questions concerning those policies, practices, issues, and circumstances you do not understand.
  • Insist on meaningful board meetings with full disclosure of operating results.
  • Require the organization to engage competent legal counsel.
  • Require all committees to make reports at the board meetings, when appropriate.
  • Authorize appropriate indebtedness for major programs.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Review the organization's insurance program.

How to apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "RSR Board Member" in the subject line.
**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**