Employment Opportunities

Board Member

Board Member

Reports to: Board Chair

Role: To serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors

Term:Two Years

Time Expectations:

  • •  Attend and participate in monthly board meetings.
  • •  Participate actively in one or more committees of the board. Provide feedback and input to committee reports.
  • •  Attend scheduled board retreats, planning meetings, workshops and other board development activities.
  • •  Attend, support and participate in at least two signature organizational events, the annual holiday event, and the fundraising gala.
  • •  Ability to check your organizational email several times per week and respond in a timely manner.



  • •  Show passion in furthering the mission of Ruff Start Rescue®.
  • •  Stay informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs.
    • Engage actively in strategic and policy-making decisions.
  • •  Make a personal annual financial contribution of at least $1,000 and assist the organization in finding additional donation sources.
  • •  Participate and support any capital campaigns.
  • •  Follow developments in community, economy, government, etc., that may affect the organization.
  • •  Promote the organization to others and participate in fundraising.
  • •  Build working relationships that contribute to consensus.
  • •  Suggest nominees to the board who can make significant contributions.
  • •  Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring adequate financial resources; oversee financial and risk management.
  • •  Select, evaluate, appoint and, if necessary, terminate the Executive Director.
  • •  Monitor the community and professional image of the organization and provide feedback to the board and leadership.



  • •  Board members have no individual authority separate from the board.
  • •  Board members are expected to support decisions of the board, regardless of personal desires and/or opinions.



  • •  Devote adequate time to faithfully perform the responsibilities of being a board member.
  • •  Set policies for organizational operation.
  • •  Establish fiscal policy and boundaries, including budgets and financial controls.
  • •  Provide adequate resources for the activities of the organization through a commitment to fundraising.
  • •  Develop and maintain a communication link to the community by acting as an advocate.
  • •  Ensure that the organization's Articles and Bylaws are being followed.
  • •  Be familiar with the organization's goals, objectives and programs.
  • •  Read preparation materials prior to each board meeting.
  • •  Make sure the organization keeps a written, permanent record of all board official actions.
  • •  Be certain the organization is fulfilling all aspects of its nonprofit and tax-exempt status.
  • •  Know the budget, budget process and financial situation of the organization.
  • •  Pursue action if there are warning signs that something is wrong.
  • •  Ask questions concerning those policies, practices, issues, and circumstances you do not understand.
  • •  Insist on meaningful board meetings with full disclosure of operating results.
  • •  Require the organization to engage competent legal counsel.
  • •  Require all committees to make reports at the board meetings, when appropriate.
  • •  Authorize appropriate indebtedness for major programs.
  • •  Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • •  Review the organization's insurance program.

How to apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "RSR Board Member" in the subject line.
**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**

Cat Foster Manager

Cat Foster Manager

To Apply:
Submit a cover letter, a resume, and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "Cat Foster Manager" in the subject line.
Interested applicants who do not include all three items in their submission will not be considered.

Job Description:
This position helps Ruff Start Rescue® achieve its mission through overseeing the needs, including vetting, of the cats in our foster program. The cat foster manager ensures the cats are in good health and schedules all vet visits to get them fully vetted prior to adoption. This position does not process adoption applications; rather, the cat foster manager only provides guidance and oversight to the fosters with cats in their home.
This position helps foster homes choose appropriate cats for their home and guides them through the foster process, which includes: the vetting process, help with getting supplies, adoption event attendance, provide transport help if needed via volunteers and assisting with medical and/or behavioral issues. This position also works closely with the vetting, training and intake manager to resolve any medical or behavioral concerns. This may include but is not limited to: daily phone calls, daily emails, vetting animals, working through urgent situations regarding the animals and posting on Facebook. The cat foster manager is the go-to person to resolve conflicts or issues.

Reports To: Director of Programs

Oversees: 100–200 cats at any time in the rescue

Availability: This is a salaried position with a time commitment of at least 40 hours a week; ability and willingness to allow for a flexible schedule is key. The majority of the 40 hours can be done remotely, but must be in the office (Princeton) for training and at least three days a week after fully trained. Daily emailing and/or phone calls is a must.

Salary: Based on qualifications


  • •  Optional insurance choices available after probationary period; pay 100% premium at a discounted group rate
  • •  Vacation leave upon completion of probationary period: 10 PTO days per year starting.
  • •  Professional development courses covered up to $400 annually.
  • •  Staff is sent to the HSUS Animal Care Expo every other year to continue to learn and grow with our mission.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • •  Oversee our cat foster homes. You are the go-to person for any foster or vetting related questions or concerns.
  • •  Communicate with foster families regularly; which can be daily/weekly if needed.
  • •  Attend to emergent situations regarding cats within the rescue as they arise.
  • •  Work with the communications manager to find ways to promote the animals and get them more exposure.
  • •  Work closely with adoption manager and adoption center coordinators to ensure adoption center kennels are full with appropriate cats
  • •  Assist with Foster Recruitment
  • •  Create and implement new processes and procedures to ensure the safety and health of cats and humans.
  • •  Attend to incoming emails and calls about cats when needed


  • •  A passion for making a positive difference in the lives of animals.
  • •  Veterinary knowledge and background, preferred 2+ years CVT experience.
  • •  Nonprofit experience a plus.
  • •  Proven experience working with the public, developing and maintaining excellent relationships to support goals/mission.
  • •  Work as a team player, supporting the overall goals of the organization.
  • •  Ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment under tight deadlines.
  • •  Strong written and oral communication skills
  • •  Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision and direction.
  • •  Respect for all people and animals.
  • •  Remain professional at all times and help to resolve any conflicts as needed.
  • •  Ability to handle stressful and/or awkward situations with new fosters or RSR volunteers. Must be able to approach problem solving logically, research history, avoid biases and focus on what is in the best interest of the rescue data to draw the right conclusions—even under pressure.
  • •  Familiarity with animals, knowledge of animal behavior, and experience working with animal welfare programs is preferred.


**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**

Director of Operations & Employee Development

Director of Operations & Employee Development

To Apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "Director of Operations & Employee Development" in the subject line.

Ruff Start Rescue® is seeking an animal loving, mission-focused, strategic and process-minded leader to bring efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity of the organization. The director of operations and employee development oversees everything internal, from finances and budgeting to volunteer management, freeing up the executive director to focus on external matters such as fundraising, public relations, and partnerships. This role also manages all day-to-day aspects of the rescue alongside the director of programs and director of development.

Reports To: Executive director

Status and Availability: Position is full-time exempt, Monday through Friday at the Princeton office. There may be weekend hours or required events that come up occasionally. Flexibility with schedules and a willingness to occasionally work more than 40 hours is a must.

Job Description:
   Planning: Work closely with the executive director, director of programs, director of development, and other members of the management team. Help to set organization’s strategic goals. Determine what resources, including people and money, are needed to achieve these objectives. Manage activities to achieve the objectives. Prepare and oversee an annual budget pertaining to operations as well as the departments under this position. Proactively report updates, key metrics and all matters of importance to the executive director. Develop written systems that enable organization to be agile and able to grow. Help the executive director and team meet critical deadlines. Additional pertinent duties/responsibilities may be required beyond this description.

   Lead and supervise:

  • •  Volunteer manager, who oversees education department, cat caretakers, office coordinators
  • •  Administrative assistant/bookkeeper
  • •  Ensure that the office operates as efficiently as possible. Train and lead the rest of the staff in good practices; including but not limited to setup new policies to ensure safety as well as handling new or ongoing maintenance issues.

   Serve as the organization’s human resources manager:
Recruit, retain, and inspire a top team of employees and volunteers. If any of the above staffed positions become vacant, fill in until a replacement is found. Be responsible for the recruitment, interviews, hiring, retaining, and rewarding of these positions. Create role and team clarity. Create and manage recruitment and onboarding systems. Write and implement human resources policies. Create and implement a performance review system. Manage benefits and insurance across all levels.

   Manage facilities and technology:
Ensure that facilities and infrastructure are safe and support the mission. Schedule and facilitate needed maintenance and installations. Manage waste disposal, security, allocation of office space, utilities, landscaping, snow removal, etc. Responsible to ensure that the physical office operates as efficiently as possible. Train and lead the rest of the leadership team good practices, setup new policies, ensure safety compliance, and handle any new or ongoing maintenance issues. Manages computer network and telephone systems with the aid of outside contractors. Oversight on all information technology areas including Gmail, Google Drive, our software and assist with any issues or find the correct help needed.


  • •  Strong commitment to animal welfare and the mission of Ruff Start Rescue
  • •  Three or more years of management and leadership experience in several of the following areas:
    • Volunteer management
    • Administration
    • Human resources
    • Financial management/budgeting
    • Animal welfare
    • Information technology
  • •  Bachelor's degree in business management, finance, human resources or animal science preferred
  • •  Ability to multitask, delegate tasks and work in a fast paced environment under tight deadlines
  • •  Strong written and oral communication skills
  • •  Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision and direction
  • •  Experience with annual audits preferred
  • •  Fundraising experience in a plus. Must be willing to learn. All employees are asked to help with fundraising to a certain degree

**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician

Job Description:
Be part of a veterinary team to provide high quality medical care to all animals in the Ruff Start Rescue® foster program and on site. This position provides experience and the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding shelter medicine in a quick-paced environment. Additionally, this position provides education to fosters and caretakers. Work alongside the vetting manager to provide treatments to the rescue animals, based on their recommendations and provided protocols. CVTs are preferred; however, technicians and assistants with one year or more experience will be accepted. Training on-site will be provided.
With the rapid growth of our rescue, we are in need of a veterinary technician or experienced assistant to provide examinations and patient care for Ruff Start Rescue animals. Ruff Start Rescue is a foster home-based, nonprofit 501c3, no-kill dog and cat rescue based in Central Minnesota. We rescue stray, neglected, abandoned, and surrendered dogs and cats as well as ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other critters. Ruff Start Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of at-risk animals. We also collaborate, communicate, and educate about the importance of animal rescue and welfare.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. (or flexible) with intermittent Saturday duty. Flexibility with schedules is key.

Benefits: Optional insurance choices available after probationary period; pay 100% premium at a discounted group rate

  • •  Short-term disability
  • •  Life insurance
  • •  Dental insurance
  • •  Accident insurance
  • •  Hospital indemnity insurance
  • •  Critical illness insurance
  • •  Cancer insurance
  • •  Vision insurance

Salary: DOQ

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • •  Assist with and providing safe animal handling and restraint.
  • •  Provide animal examinations and perform basic medical care including but not limited to: wrapping wounds, medicating, nail trimming, SQ fluids, grooming needs, anal gland expression, etc.
  • •  Perform in-house laboratory testing including UA, fecal, microfilaria check, ear swab cytology, skin scraping cytology.
  • •  Perform blood draws.
  • •  Administer prescribed medications, both oral and injectable.
  • •  Stock supplies and alert vetting manager of inventory needs.
  • •  Maintain aseptic work environment; daily cleaning of work areas including but not limited to: cages, floors, etc.
  • •  Prepare for incoming out-of-state transport.
  • •  Communicate with and educate foster homes and public.

Job Skills and Requirements:

  • •  A passion for making a positive difference in the lives of animals.
  • •  Nonprofit experience a plus. Animal welfare or related field a plus.
  • •  Excellent time management, organizational and multitasking skills.
  • •  Prior experience as a veterinary technician preferred.
  • •  Valid driver’s license with a good driving record and reliable transportation.
  • •  Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written or typed.
  • •  Ability to work productively in an unstructured environment with frequent interruptions.
  • •  Strong interpersonal skills: the ability to stay calm, collected, and professional in stressful or emotionally-charged situations.
  • •  Smartphone required with access to email and Facebook.
  • •  Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • •  The ability to be able to lift 50 pounds and be physically able to bend, stoop, kneel, squat, twist, reach and climb steps.
  • •  Be able to enter required data into medical record legibly, whether it be paper or computer based .
  • •  Work collaboratively with all other staff and volunteers to ensure animals are being cared for properly and getting the required treatments to prepare them to be adoptable.
  • •  Be able to effectively work independently and be self-motivated.

How to apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "Veterinary Technician" in the subject line.
**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**