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Board Member

Board Member

Reports to: Board Chair

Role: To serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors

Term:Two Years

Time Expectations:

  • •  Attend and participate in monthly board meetings.
  • •  Participate actively in one or more committees of the board. Provide feedback and input to committee reports.
  • •  Attend scheduled board retreats, planning meetings, workshops and other board development activities.
  • •  Attend, support and participate in at least two signature organizational events, the annual holiday event, and the fundraising gala.
  • •  Ability to check your organizational email several times per week and respond in a timely manner.



  • •  Show passion in furthering the mission of Ruff Start Rescue®.
  • •  Stay informed about the organization’s mission, services, policies, and programs.
    • Engage actively in strategic and policy-making decisions.
  • •  Make a personal annual financial contribution of at least $1,000 and assist the organization in finding additional donation sources.
  • •  Participate and support any capital campaigns.
  • •  Follow developments in community, economy, government, etc., that may affect the organization.
  • •  Promote the organization to others and participate in fundraising.
  • •  Build working relationships that contribute to consensus.
  • •  Suggest nominees to the board who can make significant contributions.
  • •  Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring adequate financial resources; oversee financial and risk management.
  • •  Select, evaluate, appoint and, if necessary, terminate the Executive Director.
  • •  Monitor the community and professional image of the organization and provide feedback to the board and leadership.



  • •  Board members have no individual authority separate from the board.
  • •  Board members are expected to support decisions of the board, regardless of personal desires and/or opinions.



  • •  Devote adequate time to faithfully perform the responsibilities of being a board member.
  • •  Set policies for organizational operation.
  • •  Establish fiscal policy and boundaries, including budgets and financial controls.
  • •  Provide adequate resources for the activities of the organization through a commitment to fundraising.
  • •  Develop and maintain a communication link to the community by acting as an advocate.
  • •  Ensure that the organization's Articles and Bylaws are being followed.
  • •  Be familiar with the organization's goals, objectives and programs.
  • •  Read preparation materials prior to each board meeting.
  • •  Make sure the organization keeps a written, permanent record of all board official actions.
  • •  Be certain the organization is fulfilling all aspects of its nonprofit and tax-exempt status.
  • •  Know the budget, budget process and financial situation of the organization.
  • •  Pursue action if there are warning signs that something is wrong.
  • •  Ask questions concerning those policies, practices, issues, and circumstances you do not understand.
  • •  Insist on meaningful board meetings with full disclosure of operating results.
  • •  Require the organization to engage competent legal counsel.
  • •  Require all committees to make reports at the board meetings, when appropriate.
  • •  Authorize appropriate indebtedness for major programs.
  • •  Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • •  Review the organization's insurance program.

How to apply: Submit a cover letter, resume and three professional references to apply@ruffstartrescue.org with "RSR Board Member" in the subject line.
**Candidates who do not follow application instructions and/or do not send all requested documents will not be considered .**