Foster Application

Interested in Becoming a Foster? Make sure to read the information below and then click "NEXT" at the bottom of this page to go to the application.

Foster care is the most important part of Ruff Start Rescue. The animals depend on qualified people to join our team.

RSR is looking for fosters to open their hearts and homes to animals in need and care for them until they are adopted. An RSR fosters responsibility is to love, feed, play and exercise, and provide social interaction for the foster animal. You are also required to take the animal to vet appointments and handle any medical tasks such as giving daily medications. It will always involve treating the animal as if it were your own.

It’s easy to get started! The first step is to fill out and submit a foster application (Click NEXT at bottom of page to get started on the application) After RSR receives and reviews your application a home visit will be scheduled so you can meet someone from the rescue and discuss your questions and concerns about fostering an RSR animal. If everything goes well you will be able to begin your new role as an RSR foster.

Animals looking for Foster homes


Considering Fostering? Here Are Some Things You Should Know! 


All Ruff Start Rescue Fosters MUST :

  • Have all of their pets spayed/neutered and up to date on vetting.  No exceptions!
  •  Be patient!  There is no set amount of time a foster pet will be at your home.  We do not want to have to move foster pets from one foster home to another.  Constant moving can really set back their rehabilitation.  We do expect our fosters to be patient and keep their foster pet until they get adopted.
  • Be willing to work with their foster pets.  Many of these animals are coming directly from shelter environments, have been picked up as strays, came from a life inside of a small cage at a puppy mill or were treated with malicious intent.  Many simply have no idea how to behave inside of a home.  It's not their fault, and they can learn with PATIENCE, GUIDANCE, LOVE, and CONSISTENCY.
  • Attend at least one Adoption Event a month.
  • Have the foster animals on a leash when outside at ALL time, unless you have a completely fenced in yard.
  • Exercise their foster pet adequately.  Foster dogs are expected to have daily walks.
  • Be willing to drive their foster pet to their vet appointments at one of the Vet clinics we work with.
  • Give their foster pets their medication if they need it!  If your foster pet needs medication, you will be expected to give them their medication on time and in the correct doses.
  • Send updates on their foster pets to their Placement Coordinator on a regular basis.  This would include the foster pet's likes, dislikes, biographies, and of course...lots of pictures!!  These will all need to be kept as up to date as possible.
  • Supervise their foster pet at all times.  When no one is at home, the foster pets should be baby gated or crated, if necessary, for safety.

**There are always animals that need a loving foster home and we will work with you to determine the ones that will best fit with your lifestyle. **

Questions about becoming a foster?  Feel free to email us at: