Animal Success Stories
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April 1, 2015 we brought home Fozzie. He has been a fantastic addition to our family. He has so many friends. He even loves all 4 of our kitties. We have 4 children who love Fozzie as much as he loves them. When we got Fozzie he hadn't had much obedience or leash training. He's had some improvements in such a short amount of time. Fozzie is such a goofy boy, he'll run laps in the yard even after a 3 mile jog. When it's bed time he joins us in the king size bed with 1 or all 4 cats. But he's kind of a bed & blanket hog. We absolutely love Ruff Start and recommend you to anyone who says they are looking to add a furbaby to their family. 


This is Milli, (AKA) Malin. Before she came into my life, I was very lonely, and I searched for months on the site, several other fur babies came into my life and then had to leave or they thought they were not the good fit for me, as I am 78 years old, slow moving live alone, except for my two Cats Oreo & Puts. N.ow Milli is such a wonderful loving and so much company, she gets along wonderful with the cats. I want to thank Ruff Start for bringing her into my life and home. She too is an old lady, she turned eleven this month. 


Landon (Now known as Squirt) was adopted May of 2015. We were looking for a smaller dog who could play with our 10 month old pit-bull/lab mix.

After scheduling a ‘play date’ with the Foster parents we brought our dog over to meet Squirt and to see if there was a ‘connection’. Squirt hit it off with our dog immediately! He may be little but he’s feisty!!

And of course once I saw him, I was in love.


Since then Squirt has also become friends with our cats, nieces, nephews, parents and friends. He’s quite the social butterfly. And now that winter has officially set in, Squirt loves to lay under the blankets with me. He has also adjusted to having a sweater put on every time he goes outside.


We couldn’t have found a better match for our family. Thank you to all of the people who work at the rescue and foster these little angels.


Remy was adopted in March 2015 through the Foster to Adopt program. Remy had to be in the FTA program because he had a case of puppy strangles (why his eyes are puffy as a puppy) and Ruff Start wanted to ensure he had the best medical care to beat his sickness and that Remy’s Mom was fully supported through the process. He just needed a steroid treatment and then he was all better. Remy’s mom was so thankful that Ruff Start had the FTA program because she was able to have him in her home early but also have the help of Ruff Start to help him get better.

He has now grown to be one of, if not the best part of her day. He has made so many friends in his apartment complex and recently enjoyed his 1st birthday. He even got to have a party with 10 of his dog friends and cake all over at his houseJ His mom is so thankful that Ruff Start was able to help him find a new home and her a best friend.  

Miss Daisy

We started looking for a dog late last summer. We already had two older toy poodles, as well as two daughters, ages 5 and 10. We were looking for a larger dog to join our pack-- to take for walks, and to play with the girls, since the little dogs aren't interested in either of those.

After months of searching and disappointment, I found Miss Daisy, a Great Pyrenees/Standard Poodle mix, online. I was captivated right away by those beautiful eyes and sweet face. At first, another family was interested in her, and I thought we had no chance. However, they decided not to meet Daisy, since they thought she'd get too big for what they were looking for. (They may have been thrown off by the fact that she was emaciated and only weighed 35 pounds when she was rescued-- poor baby!)

We met Daisy on November 2nd, 2014, promptly fell in love, and adopted her the next day. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's gained weight nicely, goes on at least two walks a day, and is just a total sweetheart. We love her so much!

Thanks to all the amazing folks at Ruff Start, especially Melissa & Dean Brown for being such loving foster parents for Daisy!

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