Animal Success Stories
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My wife and I decided that even with 2 kids something was missing from the family and decided to look into a pet. My family has never been "dog people" but I saw a posting at work with jax in it I had to check into it. Eventually I adopted jax and being my first dog it was a "ruff start" to become used to having a dog around but after about a week or so we started to appreciate what we did for each other. More specifically I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from an incident at work and even though I can function normally now I continually fight with anxiety and depression (which is a common side effect). Jax somehow knows when I am having a nightmare and snuggles up to me to comfort me at night. During the day jax has become my best friend we do almost everything together. Even though he's 85 pounds he still thinks he's a lap dog (as seen in the picture). Even though by definition I rescued jax I firmly believe jax also rescued me from myself. Thank you ruff start for helping me find my best friend.


We love Frankie!!! (Previously Jesse). He's such a sweet dog with lots of energy. Justin and I always talk about how smart he is... almost from the beginning he figured out that bringing us his leash was a good way to let us know he had to go outside (so helpful)! He loves learning and always impresses us with what he can do. Justin's been teaching him good manners... while we feed him, he waits on a rug while we get his lunch ready! He just fits right in to our family and we can't imagine our life without him. It's like our house was even meant for him! Our windows are pretty low, he can rest his chin on the ledge to see out! It's like he's waiting for his neighborhood friends to come outside. He loves people and other animals, we take lots of trips to PetSmart and the park just so he can meet new friends. We took him to the dog park in Rockford a few weeks back and I have never seen a happier, muddier dog. We are so thankful to have him in our family!!! - thank you for what you do - Ashley K.


Lila (Jeanette) is adapting well & is spoiled already! I absolutely love her - just the perfect amount of playful & cuddly and has taken an attachment to me - she cuddles with me every night and like clockwork is ready to play at 4:00 a.m. by pouncing on me and nibbling my ear :)


Here's a story from "Bandit" (previously "Junior") ........ Mom says: "hey Bandit whatcha doing?"........ Bandit replies: "oh nothin'. ......... Mom says: "it looks like you were digging again". .......... Bandit: "okay, I was digging...but it's not like a BIG hole.


Jethro looks like he's living the good life these days!

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