Animal Success Stories
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A huge thank you to ruff start for finding us Carl to be Nicks buddy. He has been a great addition to our family. Jason and Cody Robertson


Caesar with his new dad, Wyatt! Caesar is so spoiled, already he has a whole cupboard to himself stocked with lot's of goodies. In this picture he is carrying his new toy. :)


Candi is the most hyper cat I've ever had, but I love her! I just rescued another kitten two days ago and they already get along great because they each needed another hyper friend to play with (:


Hello Ruff Start Rescue! My name is Whitney Kavanagh and I am Champ's new mommy! I have attached a couple of pictures of Champ and his new life with his big brother Gusto (a lab/springer spaniel mix) who is 3 and one of his sisters Yogi (an orange cat) who is 5 and his new mommy and daddy. We love our boy Champ so much and we are so pleased to have adopted him from Ruff Start Rescue! Please keep up the good work in giving these deserving animals good forever homes. Champ is quite the snuggler and we nick-name him 'snake' because he slithers his way onto your lap and before you know it you have this huge Great Dane/Lab mix dog piled on your lap! Champ is the last missing puzzle piece to our family and we are proud to call him our boy. Him and his brother Gusto have a really fun time playing in the backyard together, going for walks at the dog park, or just chewing on sticks. Thank you for all your hard work in providing him with a good foster environment so that he could be the good boy that he is! Thank you for giving our boy a chance so that we could make him a part of our family. Sincerely, Champ's new mommy, Whitney


Camden, another Parvo pup to happily find her forever home!

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