Animal Success Stories
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Kenai adopted us Friday 2/26 and what an amazing dog. So sweet, funny and an awesome part of our family. He was a little scared on the hour drive to our home. Within minutes he was comfortable in his new surroundings. He is an alpha male so we read up on how to make sure we are in charge, not the other way around. We took him on walks all weekend and got him used to the leash and how to heel. He can heel, sit, come and fetch, all in just 2 days.


We found our forever friend and feel like we have the perfect dog (family member)


Thanks, Ruff Rescue for all you do. WE are truly blessed.


Jay & Melinda


Jaya (formerly Rylan) came to us in August of 2015 as we fell in love with this adorable, sweet face. She came as a 45lbs, 5 month old puppy with plenty of energy, which matched our 5 year old German Shorthair Pointer, Denali, perfectly. She has since grown to be a 70lbs+ pup that thinks she is a lap dog and she loves to try and catch Denali in the backyard. She also enjoys the water, but we need to keep working on the swimming part.

  She came to RSR as part of a litter, so we are not sure what her background is but she is  skittish at times. She has picked up on commands quickly, it helps that she has Denali to watch and learn from. Denali was not sure what to make of the situation when we first brought Jaya home, but now they are quite the pair.

 Thank you to Ruff Start Rescue, and Jaya’s foster home, for saving this sweet girl as our lives are richer now that she is a part of it. 


Zoey came to us after our sweet dog passed away. She was our first foster and she just fit into our home so perfectly, we knew almost instantly she wasn't leaving! She is the best foster sister any pup could ask for, as she loves to play with everyone and everything, but is so gentle when she needs to be. She was found as a stray, dodging cars on the highway, and I am so glad that another foster found her so she could be a permanent member to our family! We believe she just turned one in Dec 2015, she has come so far since she came into our lives and we have learned lots from her (lots of patience!) Although we wish we could foster fail with everyone we have, we definitely got a special girl! Love her to pieces!! 


We adopted callie/vidia in july of 2014 and have fallen so in love with her, she was a great addition to our little family. She has been growing up with my son who is only 2 months older than her and they are the best of friends! We know have a 6 month old daughter as well and they also get along great. Thank you so much for our fur baby! 


Chris Maddox brought Princess to me on December 7, 2014 - She had been at MACC & she was such a scared little thing.

 I adopted her myself on January 2, 2015

I was told she was an owner surrender but I have my doubts -- She has been with me for over a year now & never responded the the name Princess - Recently I decided that wasn't her name so I started running thru the alphabet - She gave reaction when I started going thru "E"s - A huge reaction when I called out Ebony - I tested several more times - She actually came to me when called Ebony - Later on I learned there is much in a name - Called her again ... she came to me with hugs & nudges - Wow - Her name is Ebony not Princess - Such a stubborn little dog

I bought her a new name tag ... Ebony

My little Ebbie is just a joy & 6 pounds of attitude - I cannot imagine life without her - I am so glad I decided she needed to stay with me & I am so glad I finally found her true name

Thank you Ruff Start for bringing her into my life

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