Animal Success Stories
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Thinking of you, RSR friends! Wanted to show you Riley's long legs. On July 1 he weighed 22.6 LBS. The life jacket pictures were taken in the middle of June, I've ordered a new life jacket. The doggles didn't stay on, or the hat. We leave his kennel open and he goes to bed by himself and wakes us up by gently putting his paws on the edge of the bed, sometimes 6 seems too early, there have been days I've ask him to go back to bed and he has. He met some new dogs this weekend, but they were smaller and I didn't dare let him loose for fear he'd bowl them over.We are so crazy in love with this little guy and grateful for him. Hope all is well with you all!


Weebles ("weebles wobble but they don't fall down!") came to us from Georgia with two broken front legs. Very sad story. But a happy ending ...."It was February or March of 2012 when I first heard about “Peaches”, her name was Weebles and she was all the way down in Georgia. I can’t even remember now where I heard about her. I think it was probably a post from Ruff Start Rescue (an organization I had never heard of) that someone linked me to on Facebook. At any rate, I read Weebles' story and it just made me sick. Apparently a “disagreeable man had dumped her at a shelter, and her front legs had been broken”. There was a picture of this poor little dog along with the story. (click her name to see her before pictures on her profile). She looked like the sweetest little beagle… how could anyone treat this poor little thing so horribly? I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I kept going back and re-reading the story, staring at her pictures. My little beagle, Buddy had passed away the previous November, and I had been missing him so much. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore and contacted Ruff Start Rescue on Facebook. To make a long story short…. Ruff Start approved me as a Foster, arranged to have Weebles brought all the way from Georgia to Minnesota right to my house. I signed the adoption papers, and Weebles became one of the family. My vet said her legs had healed well (kudos to the shelter in Georgia that must have given her good vet care). I decided to change her name to Miss Georgia Peaches Frye – Peaches for short. Here is our precious girl today - It’s pretty obvious she is not a beagle as we thought when she was just a pup. Miss Peaches is most probably a Treeing Walker Coonhound! Her legs seem to be fine, she runs like the wind. I have read that Treeing Walker Coonhounds, are also used to hunt badgers. I am pleased to say that I’m sure I have no badgers in my yard because Miss Peaches has dug up the entire yard in search of them and come up empty handed! While she is full of energy and mischief at home, she accompanies me to work every day and is very well mannered and mellow at the office. Thank you Ruff Start Rescue! I just can’t imagine life now without Miss Peaches!"


"Miller", (previously ”Whisper” )--getting along just fine with his new big brother Marley.


Winston and Gigi, Happily adopted together! :)

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