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We adopted Stella (Kibble) in October 2014. She was friendly and loved attention, but was timid and skittish if you raised your voice (even in an excited tone) or moved too quickly, stood over her, etc. After months of training and working with her we now have the happiest, sweetest little girl! We never imagined we could love her so much, and we are so happy we found her. She is great around children and the elderly, and can sense when someone is sick or 'fragile'. She loves to give kisses and even hugs, cuddle, chase sticks, and jump on Grandma's furniture - haha! Thank you so much for bringing us together with our fur baby, we are forever grateful!


Dear Ruff Start Rescue, I am just writing to say a quick "thank you" for letting us adopt Kano, the great dane, in October. When we adopted, our placement coordinator told us it could take up to 6 months for Kano to assimilate and for his true personality to really shine through. We almost didn't make it two weeks with him when we were frustrated with coming home to great-dane-sized diarrhea in the kitchen, torn slippers, mysteriously missing groceries and overall anxious behavior resulting from the transition. We started having second thoughts that maybe we bit off more than we could chew with him. But, quickly things got better. We all got used to and started to understand each other. The bad behavior stopped, and were living well together. Then, just recently like our placement coordinator said - after a few months we seem to have hit a type of trust milestone, and his true personality (as well as ours) is showing through. Now we love each other. This photo is Kano today, trying to convince himself he fits in his favorite chair, with a doofy grin he gives us every day. Since we adopted him, Kano has been featured in the news as he has helped me in my work as a journalist covering stories important to pet owners. I just thought it would be good to remind other adopters how important it is to have patience and to stick it through. Again, thank you for the big goofy addition to our family.


Kelso hit the jackpot and is going to be one spoiled dog who is going to make is forever family very happy!


----CONFESSIONS OF A (Failed) NON-DOG LOVER ---- Ok, I admit it. I hate dog hair, barking and doggy dukers in the yard. I never "got" the animal best pal thing. Then my daughter (who was 21) gave me a power point presentation of why we needed a dog. To make a long story short I gave in and Midas, a long haired chihuahua puppy, came into our home. I am happy to report he didn't shed or bark and his dukers were the size of a dried up prune :-) Not long after that I was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say every time I'd come back from chemo that dog stuck to me like glue. He just knew what I needed. ---- On Labor Day last year Midas was hit by a car. I never knew I could grieve so much over an animal. We cried and cried and cried. By now my daughter was living in her own apartment and Midas and I had moved into a new home. That house never felt so empty and lonely. ---- Not long after that sad day Selby sent me a link to a dog that was listed on the RUFF START RESCUE site. He looked just like Midas and was doing the cutest little begging dance. When I saw him I immediately filled out the application on line. My hands were shaking all the while. I knew that Kingston was supposed to be mine. There were several inquiries for him and I had a long month and a half wait to see if he was really mine. Christi, the foster mom was so great! I think our hearts just knitted and she had the sense that I needed Kingston as much as he would need me. He was very skittish and afraid as he must have been terribly mistreated. ---- Although a completely different personality than Midas, Kingston has filled my home with much joy. He has become much braver and and even goes to work with me most days. My office staff loves him and he just can't wait to get there. I have to report he sheds, barks and likes to lay sizable dukers in my yard but all of those undesirable attributes pale in comparison to the companionship and love I receive. Thank you RUFF START for all that you do! I am so greatful that Kingston is in my life. ---- Sincerely, Laurie Walker, MN -----------copy and paste in your browser for an adorable link of Kingston! : --------


Koopa so happy with his furever family!

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