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Hi there, Just wanted to give you an update on Brio, formerly known as Janis. Since last March when she joined our family as just a pup, she has grown into an awesome dog! She absolutely LOVES every person she meets and charms them all with her goofy grin and lovable personality. She enjoys playing with her big sisters, 2-legged and 4-legged alike. We are so happy to have her - thank you!


Jimmy is now livin' life in the fast lane!


Who remembers Mama Josephine? The mom to all those puppies named after the "Friends" cast… She was adopted by a wonderful family last fall. I spoke to the them yesterday for about 2 hours! They called to update me on some very sad but miraculous news. Catherine (aka Josephine) had a FCE-Spinal stroke last November. My understanding is basically it’s a blood clot that has no cure but must work itself out. They noticed she was not using her back leg so they rushed her to the ER and by the time they got there her whole back end was not moving. The vet sent them to a neurologist. Long story short, the specialist told them that if she did not show any improvement as far as moving her back legs in the next three weeks that she would probably never walk again. They got online right away and ordered her a doggie wheelchair so she could maneuver around. OMG! Who does that? I love these people! It was a very long first two weeks for them as she was not showing any improvement. Catherine was depressed and so were they. They knew they could love her knowing that she could never walk again but they were having a really hard time with the fact that she would never be able to wag her tail again and show excitement. Just when they were about to settle on the fact that she wouldn’t walk again they had a break through! They had a niece over (C loves kids!) and the niece went up to Catherine to pet her and then walked away. Catherine was not having that and actually barked at her and they watched her tail twitch!!! That was the turning point for them, they began to then see daily improvement. She is now trying the stairs and more. J They said they can tell that she is trying very hard and she has some serious determination! The family is now taking Catherine to weekly physical therapy. Their oldest daughter wants to be a veterinarian and has been working with Catherine daily on her range of motion exercises. This has been a learning and growing experience for not only her but the whole family. They love her so much and are so thankful for all we do and for helping us find her and bringing them together! Seriously I’m pretty much crying while I write this... What a horrible life this little baby has had to endure but thank goodness she found this family that will do ANYTHING for her! They truly are awesome people and I’m so happy to have met them! I've attached a picture of Catherine in her wheelchair with her family! Now this is a FOR REAL a Happy Tail!


Jack with his awesome new parents - Happy tails little man!

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