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Kenai adopted us Friday 2/26 and what an amazing dog. So sweet, funny and an awesome part of our family. He was a little scared on the hour drive to our home. Within minutes he was comfortable in his new surroundings. He is an alpha male so we read up on how to make sure we are in charge, not the other way around. We took him on walks all weekend and got him used to the leash and how to heel. He can heel, sit, come and fetch, all in just 2 days.


We found our forever friend and feel like we have the perfect dog (family member)


Thanks, Ruff Rescue for all you do. WE are truly blessed.


Jay & Melinda


Joe and I adopted Feliz on March 31, 2014. We soon re-named him "Ace" due to his big heart and big personality, and often call him "The Ace Face" or "The Little Guy" or "Doodles" (for Dude). He was named "Best Foster Ever" by his foster family and I would have to agree! Ace loves to burrow and snuggle. Our nightly routine includes me knitting with Ace curled up on my lap under a blanket. He would snuggle right up to his big sister Zuzu, but she's a bit stuck up. She was a rescue from another organization in 2009. She has finally begun at times to play with Ace. Of course, if other dogs are around or when they hear passersby outside they become quite the team. Ace has learned all the same "tricks for treats" as Zuzu and they perform in tandem. At the dog park, Ace chooses to play tag with the biggest dogs! Then there are times we wonder if he is actually half cat when he rubs his body against things and sits on the back of the couch in the sun.

We love this little guy. Thanks Ruff Start


Hi Kathryn and everyone at Ruff Start!! Our little buddy Freckles has just been loving it here. He's had a great christmas, got lots of new (healthy) treats and on his birthday, got a nice new flea toy that he loved so much he tore the eye off. Also two days after his birthday he had his yearly checkup with the vet and shots. He got a clean bill of health, but doctor Larson wants him to lose a little weight. He's gained about 8 pounds since we first got him. So now all he gets are healthy treats, and Natale is going to start taking him for run when she goes in the morning. I've never seen a dog who likes to go to the vet, but he just loves it! He's had a lot of fun all summer. He's got to go to parades and fireworks, and winter time he just loves to run through the snow drifts. Today him and I are just relaxing and recouperating after the holidays. Maybe we'll go for a walk around the park since its supposed to be 36 degrees out. Otherwise nothing really is new. Hope all is well and lots of furry ones are finding good homes! See you soon! Timmy, Natalie, and Freckles!


Pounce, (previously Fifty) pictured doing what he does best! His new brothers love him! He now has a ginormous home to explore and two amazingly mature boys to keep him occupied for hours!! I love happy endings!!


Fluke, now Daisy and her happy family!

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