Animal Success Stories
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Just wanted to let you know Desi has been doing great! I'm amazed at how well my dog has adapted to her being in the house. He chases her around, she teases him into playing. They're sharing space on the couch together and on the bed at night. She's the perfect cat for me as she has been very cuddly and she sleeps in in the morning. Thanks again, Justin


Demi, now Tara, was just a tiny pup in a high euthanasia-rate shelter last year, where she had a poor chance of making it out alive. She was rescued by RSR and fostered by Brad who couldn't see parting with her. He adopted her last year, takes her on the truck with him everywhere he goes, and she has never been more spoiled. Here she is having a moment with her papa. <3


Dear ruff start rescue, I wanted to share with you how special it's been since I have adopted Dakota. She truly has found a special place in my heart and home. She was shy and a but nervous when I first got her and she has blossomed into a very playful, friendly and inquisitive little girl. She is definitely a good little girl and has made herself a place at my home. Thank you for helping me find the perfect for for her , in my home and heart. Love , April


This is Darby (formerly known as Dillon). He is the king of the boat! I just can't even imagine our lives without him. Thank you for making that possible.


It is our three months anniversary with Darley (March 15). What a blessing she is to our family! Darlene and I just love her so much. She is just a wonderful dog. Our Church family also love her. We bought her a doggie bed and we also use an old futon matters for her, but she loves to jump on our bed at night and sleep between us. I am sending a picture Darlene took of Darley as she was upstairs on our love seat in the living room. Again thank you, Darley has given love and she receives our love every day. Darlene and I cannot imagine life without her. Mike and Darlene

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