Animal Success Stories
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This is an update on Charlie who became part of our family in June 2017. Charlie gained a few pounds and he is happy, playful, and he just loves running in his fenced yard. Charlie was a little thin and could be picky about his food. It turned out he needed a dental cleaning and had a number of teeth removed. He was feeling better in just a few days and he turned into a foodie. Now we barely set his dish down and he’s licking it clean. We just love him, he’s always doing something to make us laugh. It’s so rewarding to know how much his life has improved since he was rescued. Thank you for all the good work you do.


Cocoa's previous owner had lost her job and home and didn't know what to do with her. We got wind that she had even threatened to tie her to a tree. Without hesitation we took her in and saved her from that fate. Our wonderful volunteer drivers got her to us (from many miles away). She was quickly adopted by a lovely young couple who subsequently got engaged this year (and pictured, she was in their engagement photos!) Cocoa has flourished with her new loving family. Here's what they have to say about her: "Cocoa is doing wonderfully. She is such a sweet girl. Attached is a photo of her from this summer for our engagement photos - smiling as usual. Happy Holidays! ~ Jade"


Chandler, now named Charlie in obviously pretty content in his forever home!


WOOF WOOF!!! I CAN SEE!!! Doc Larocca said my left eye was a perfect candidate to be restored for sight, but my other eye was too far gone to be saved. He was right, the operation went perfectly as he planned. Yesterday I went in for surgery at 8:30 a.m. and by 2:30 p.m. it was all over and I was ready to go home. I was still a little groggy yesterday, but today I'm feeling better and getting around without the old fear of bumping into things. I even sat and gazed out the back door window this morning and saw the local turkeys go by on their morning walk. I'm still trying to get the hang of eating and drinking with this strange thing around my neck that I have to wear, just as my new parents are still trying to figure out how to put the 12 eye drops a day in while I nip and thrash my head about. It's pretty scarey since my eyes have always been sensitive and a big concern for me. The doc said as time goes on my vision will get better and in 2 to 3 weeks I won't be a cone head anymore. I am so thankful that you cared enough about me to see that I got a home with people who love me enough to want the best for me! Sending you lots of love and my special sweet kisses, CoCo


Cranberry, now Scarlett, is so adorable pictured here with her new sister Grace, that this photo was posted on Ellen Degeneres' facebook photo album!

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