Shadow's Sponsorship Page

Name: Shadow
DOB: 4/29/2019
Weight: Unknown
Adoption Fee: $75

Hello! My name is Shadow! I am a very sweet and friendly girl who loves head rubs! I am very curious of everything and not shy at all. I will come right up to you to say hi! 
I am a very active lady who loves to run and bounce around, so a large area to free roam in is a must for me! I love to have a blanket to snuggle into while I sleep, and I will be the first to let you know when it's time for breakfast. I get very excited about my pellets in the morning! I also love my fresh veggies. I am very good about using my litterbox and haven't had an accident since I first came to my foster home. 
I really do not like to be picked up and held, and I will let you know it. I can be sassy! However if you hang out on the floor with me I will come to you. I will be your best friend if you have treats for me! 

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