Ella-James' Sponsorship Page

Name: Ella-James

DOB: 4/22/19

Weight: 6lbs

Adoption Fee: 400.00

Hey everyone! My name is Ella-James. I am heartworm positive, but don’t let that deter you! I will be completely healthy again very soon. Since I have heartworm right now, I’m available through the foster to adopt program.   


My name is Ella! I have been described as super sweet, remarkable and engaging!  I probably haven't been handled much or had a lot of human touch so I may freeze when picked up. I show no signs of aggression with this, just a little scared and need some time to get comfortable. I am good with other dogs and may even like a canine companion. I also don’t mind feline friends! I will walk on a leash but may become overwhelmed with too much commotion. Good news, I am potty trained and I like to go in my crate at night! I will be a wonderful addition to any family! 


Find out more about the foster to adopt program here: https://blog.ruffstartrescue.org/fta/  


Since Ella-James is heartworm positive.  She will need to be treated in at our clinic in St Cloud. Heartworm treatment consists of 3 injections. The first injection will be in roughly 30 days after coming into rescue. The the 2nd and 3rd injections happen 30 days after that. When a dog is going through heartworm treatment, they should be on "restrictions", meaning a lot of lap time, crate time and always on a leash. Heartworm disease is NOT contagious, it is transported via mosquitos.   Here is a great article explaining what heartworm is and how it's treated: https://www.heartwormsociety.org/pet-owner-resources/heartworm-basics

An adoption application is the first step in the foster to adopt program.  

Ruff Start Rescue Criteria for Adoption: http://www.ruffstartrescue.org/info/display?PageID=11744

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