Cabaret's Sponsorship Page

Name: Cabaret 
DOB: January 2020
Weight: 40lbs
Adoption Fee: $400

*PLEASE READ MY ENTIRE PROFILE BEFORE APPLYING! I am very scared of new people and will take a long time to warm up. I'm going through sessions with a behaviorist to help build my confidence. I will need a very patient, special family to help me learn that nothing bad is going to happen to me.*
Hey there!  My name is Cabaret, but I've been going by Dakota in my foster home because that's where I came from.  I also come when foster mom calls "Sweetie Pie." The first couple of weeks were hard for me.  I came in a van from South Dakota with lots of dogs and cats.  My foster family picked me up in a parking lot at night and I moved into my foster home and 3 days later I had my two puppies.  I was scared.  But my foster family has helped me and I'm doing great now.  I have good manners in the house and love my fosters.  I don't bark much unless there is something to bark about like turkeys running thru the yard.  I don't bark at squirrels but sometimes whine when I see them out the window.  I did have a few accidents the first couple of weeks, but foster mom said they didn't count cause I was going thru a lot.  I learned about toys and I have a lot here.  I'm gentle with them and carry them around the house.  I love my monkey and he will have to be adopted with me.  I do take foster mom's shoes and socks sometimes but I am careful with them.  I just like them near me.  I'm not a fan of the crate.  I spent a few nights in one here and I  was quiet but I  hate it.  Now I'm sleeping in the puppy room.  My pups are in a puppy pen and I have a cushy bed to sleep on right next to the pen.  I'm quiet all night, but would rather sleep by my people.  Foster mom says I have to watch the puppies.  But I  know she wants me to sleep by her bed.
I'm working on things like come, no, sit, down (lay down), stay, shake and a game called fetch.   I'm getting pretty good at them but sometimes  I'm distracted.  I know how to walk on a leash and I do pretty good in front of the house, BUT it's the squirrels in the woods behind the house.  They want me to play and I do jump and pull then.  I'm working on it.
I'm VERY cautious meeting new people and I haven't met many because of the germs called covid.  I was very protective of my pups with people besides my foster mom and dad, but I'm getting better.  I like the lady next door but the man is scary.  I bark at him when I see him.  My pups and I went to visit my foster mom's son and family a few days ago.  We walked around their yard and I was petted a lot and my puppies got petted too by everyone.  I'm a little scared of the little girl so I don't think I would like a family with young children. She did talk to me and petted me and gave me a few treats.  She runs around a lot and makes me nervous.  I haven't met any dogs or cats here.  Foster mom says I probably wouldn't do well with cats because I want to chase every squirrel I see.
I love pets, ear scratches and belly rubs.  LOTS OF PETS.  I like to sit on the couch with my foster dad or mom and sometimes put my head in their lap while I  get pets.  I follow foster mom all over the house except when she vacuums.  That scares me.  
Well, what do you think?  Would you like to meet me?

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