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Rascal DOB:
2009 Weight:
10lbs Adoption Fee: $75

This animal is apart of our "Seniors for Seniors" program where we offer senior adopters an opportunity to adopt a pet at a discounted fee. 

Hi there, I'm Rascal! 

I've been in my foster home for a few weeks now. My fosters seem like nice people, but I am their very first foster cat after many years of fostering dogs, so I've really had my work cut out for me with their training. They have so much to learn! Fortunately for them, I'm a laid-back older gentleman, with excellent manners. They tell me that I'm so easy to have around, and that I don't live up to my name at all. I lap up their compliments, and in return, have consented to giving them daily lessons on how to care for a cat. I do a good job of asking for attention, and also letting people know when I've had enough. 
This home is much different from my last, where I lived with an elderly person. Here, there are kids that are sometimes loud, and that has taken some getting used to. I'm so glad that I have my safe spaces where I can escape when it gets too overwhelming.  They also have dogs here, and while the dogs are upstairs and I am downstairs, sometimes I hear them bark. At first, it was a little scary and surprising, but I've acclimated well, and hardly react anymore. I'm not fond of loud noises, and don't understand why my foster family needs to use things like blenders or vacuums, but as long as I can retreat to another part of the house, I'm ok. I do think that a quieter home would be more my speed. I'm tolerant of other animals, but would do fine by myself, as well. 
I am a pro at using my litter box, of course. I do have to take twice-daily pills for something called hyperthyroidism, but my foster mom just mixes them in with my food. I spend most of my day curled up somewhere, but I have also been enjoying exploring my surroundings. Every once in a while, I get a burst of energy, and start playing with my toys. This delights my foster family so much-- they're always scrambling for their phones, hoping to catch my antics on video. My foster mom loves to have conversations with me, and I enjoy answering her, in return. She loves how I talk! I am not a loud cat, however, and never pester anyone with my meowing. I haven't displayed any naughty habits, like scratching up furniture or being destructive in any way. 
My foster mom tells me that people will want to adopt me, and that soon, I will find my forever home. I am looking forward to that day, and know that I will make my new person or people very happy! I am, after all, an extremely wonderful cat, if I do say so myself. 
Until next time, 

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