Bronconius' Sponsorship Page

Name: Bronconius
DOB: August 2020
Adoption Fee: $10

Bronconius Is a handsome male rat looking for his forever home.  He is a unique boy and everyone who sees him jokes that he looks like he has a squirrel  head on a rat body. 

He was found in a small box with 17 other rats. After a brief stay at animal control he joined his ruff start foster home. 
After the very rough life Bronconuis has lived he has decided he would like to not have to share his  space with other rats anymore . So he needs an enclosure all to himself. 
He is curious of humans and pretty confident in interacting with humans but he will bite when hands are placed directly in front of him. So he will do best in a rat experienced home with someone comfortable handling him in a successful and comfortable way for    Bronconius. 
He is a good eater and likes all sorts of treats and chews, he spends most of his time lounging in his hammock enjoying being safe and warm. 
 He can’t wait to have a forever home all to himself 

An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal.  Please check out our website, for more details and additional pictures on any of our animals! 


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