Hazelnut *bonded to Coffee Bean*'s Sponsorship Page
Hazelnut *bonded to Coffee Bean*

Name: Hazelnut
DOB: August 2020
Adoption Fee: $10

Hi! My name is Hazelnut. I came to Ruff Start Rescue when I was left at animal control with 17 of my family members. We were scared, cold and hungry. I am so happy to have found my way into rescue where I am safe, warm and fed. In my foster home I enjoy staying active - exploring the bathroom and my room (supervised of course) and climbing around in my enclosure (I can climb quite high)! I also spend time napping in my rat hammock, and snuggling with my sister Coffee Bean. I also enjoy snacking on a variety of fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t held or pet much prior to coming to rescue, so I’m still working on getting used to handling and human affection. I don’t get aggressive about being handled, I just try to escape and avoid it. I believe that with time and patience, I will learn to reciprocate human affection. Will you be the one to adopt me?   

An adoption application is the best way to show your interest in an animal.  Please check out our website, www.ruffstartrescue.org for more details and additional pictures on any of our animals! 


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