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Keegan AKA Max

Name: Keegan

DOB: 8/7/18

Weight: 14

Adoption Fee: 375.00

This is Max! Transplanted to Minnesota from Texas last fall.  He doesn’t seem to mind the cold too much and has a love/hate relationship with the snow. 


Max is such a quirky, goof ball.  He has such a fun personality once he comes out of his shell.  That being said, he is very slow to trust so would need someone that would have the time and patience with him while he gets comfortable with his new family, home and routines.  As with other ‘littles,’ Max can have a bit of an attitude from time to time.  We have been working to teach Max other ways to say “no thank you” instead of nipping at the closest person.  As he’s gotten comfortable, the frequency has decreased dramatically.  It’s all about building trust with Max. Once he trusts, he’s the biggest snuggle bug – giving lots of afternoon nuzzle hugs or curling up as close to you as possible to take a nap.  He loves to have people watch him play – we’ve been working through a little toy territorial-ness – but he’s more than happy to sit close to you while he plays with his turtle. He likes to hide his treats around the house for future discovery. Just a note: always check under your pillow before going to bed otherwise, you may wake up with a dog treat in bed with you. ;) 

Max tends to still get startled and very nervous/concerned when he hears unfamiliar noises out in the hall, upstairs or outside in the apartment building he lives in. Due to this he should not live in a home with any shared walls. He’s getting used to some of the “white noise” type sounds (running dishwasher, the computer printer, the sound of cars driving past his window and floor creaks) which shows that he is able to learn to calm himself and adapt to his surroundings.  His enemies include the vacuum and any aerosol sprays.

Max is crate trained and doesn’t mind going into his crate at all.  Max has slept in his crate at the foot of the bed and is happy to be in there, with his goat friend “George” around 9:30pm each night (Yes, he even comes with his own bedtime! ) – but usually will not ‘put himself to bed” without a ‘goodnight treat.’ He does get startled by any movement outside his crate so, we cover the front of the crate after he goes to bed and he seems to do just fine He does okay in the car and also rides in a kennel to keep him safe, but would obviously rather be on someone’s lap and be able to see better out of the window.  He’ll let you know his objection by whining for a little bit but eventually realizes he’s fine and usually goes to sleep.

We have finally gotten comfortable enough to start leaving him outside of his kennel while we are not at home during the day. He’s a pretty big couch potato.  He’s fully potty trained with only 1 or 2 territorial markings in the first day or two after he came to stay with me.  He has an adorable bouncy potty dance that he does (once comfortable) to let you know when he needs to go outside.  His walking etiquette isn’t bad, but we’ve been working on staying close and teaching him that he will NOT come out victorious in a battle with any car as they drive by.  He’s a slow learner, but we’re making progress   

Max really needs someone that has the patience and time to give him to learn that the world is NOT a scary place and that people are nice – especially men.  Max is pretty independent and would be more than happy to spend his day sleeping in the window where he can lay in the sun patrolling his yard for those malicious bunny rabbits and squirrels.  He doesn’t seem to mind having a human who is home all the time or if they work outside of the house, he’ll do just fine.


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