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Name: Levi

DOB: 4/23/2017

Weight: 18lb

Adoption Fee: 400.00

***Please note, due to his needs, Levi will only be adopted out to a family with a physical fence, and shy/fearful dog experience.  He will do MUCH better in a home with NO men or kids***


Hi everyone, my name is Levi. I have a bit of a tricky past, but I'm working SO hard on getting over it and trying to be a dog so that I can find the perfect family for me. I've already made huge strides so far. You see, I lived in a house with 12 other dogs and my owner in Texas. Then one day, my owner died and we didn't know what to do. We were trapped inside with no food or water and it was SO scary. They said that there was this virus thing going on, so no one noticed that my owner wasn't coming and going like normal and we were stuck in there for THREE WEEKS. :-( Finally, animal control came and got us all and took us to the shelter. We were very lucky that there was a rescue with fosters waiting for us and we almost all got to leave the same day we got there. In my TX foster home, I pretty much was too terrified to move and slunk into the corner of a fence. My TX foster didn't even know if I could walk because I refused to move and just laid there all day and tried to be invisible. Then after 10 days, I got on a bus and headed to Minnesota to start my new life.


Once I got here, I had a different foster who told me that I was on lockdown mode until I could learn how to be a dog and earn some of her trust. That's ok though, it just made me feel safer. I wore my harness leash 24 hours a day for at least the first 2 weeks. There is a fenced in yard here, but I can go over and under it if I'm scared enough, so the leash and the constant supervision help keep me safe. I spent the first couple of days in a room by myself on the other side of baby gates and just watched the rest of the house. I liked having my kennel so I felt protected and like no one could sneak up behind me. I needed a chance to figure out where I was and if these people were nice or mean. On the 2nd night there, I jumped the baby gate and decided the living room was a good place to hang out now and be a little closer to the other dogs and people. I spent the next week following everyone around from room to room, but always tucking into a corner behind furniture so that I could safely watch. 


The second week, I decided that these people were pretty ok.... they did keep feeding me and no one was trying to hurt me. They would pick me up to go potty and give me pets. This was the point when I decided I wanted to be even closer. Now, I would try to sit in my foster mom's lap every time she sat down. I like to be touching her constantly and go where she goes. When she leaves the house, I still go in my kennel and I'm very quiet in there, but when she's home, we're practically inseparable. Finally after 3 weeks, I can go outside in the fenced in yard to go potty without my leash on. My foster mom knows I'll run outside with all the other dogs and then turn around and wait for her to catch up so I can find a good spot to go while I feel safe. I sleep quietly in my kennel every night with the other dogs, although I would LOVE to sleep in your bed if you let me. Sometimes foster mom lets me in there for naps and that's my favorite.. I love watching the other dogs and mimicking when they are doing. I do enjoy playing and I LOVE to chew toys, especially when I first get to a home and might be nervous, so make sure you have appropriate toys and chews for me. Otherwise I think that phone charge cords are a good substitute if one of those is lying around. For new dogs, slow introductions are best... I have to be sure that they are safe too. I like more independent pups who ignore more or the submissive dogs who will play but won't get in my face. We've had a couple puppies and higher energy dogs through here, and they weren't really my favorite...If introduced slowly enough though and we all get out own time out to play and separate time, then I do really well with any dog I've met after about the 2nd or 3rd week. 


Once I warm up to you, prepare yourself for a stage 5 clinger! I like to be within touching distance at all times, sitting in your lap when you sit, perched behind you on the couch, helping you with everything you do. I "smile" a ton at my foster mama while I follow her around. One thing I will say is that I probably won't be a dog who goes on walks with you regularly... Neighborhoods are just too scary. There's so many people and leaves rustling and cars driving by and bikes... It's a little too overwhelming for me. A fenced in backyard is all the space I need to run around. 


Foster mom is my favorite person ever. She snuggles me and is nice to me and I can follow her around. Other women seem nice too. Men seem VERY scary though... they have deep voices, facial hair, the fact that they tend to be bigger, and they just aren't as... mom-like as a mama can be. I REALLY would prefer a house with just a lady I can love on. Or maybe more than one lady??? That could be great too. I am working on my fear of men and I'm on anxiety medication so that I can be around my foster dad, but it would be amazing if I could relax into a home without a dude around. Oh! I'd also love a quiet home that preferably has fewer visitors. Sometimes I feel the need to protect my foster mama if people come in my house. I just bark at whoever it is and try and scare them away, when secretly, I'm the most scared of all! But it's worth it to keep my mama safe. 


I explain all of this just so that you can understand that while I may take a little bit of time to warm up and adjust at my adoptive home, there is a huge snuggle bug of a pup hiding behind all of these layers of fear. My foster mom said that there were some rules for me to go to a new house, and those are up at the top of my bio. We're not trying to be exclusive (although I am a pretty cool pup! ;-) ), we're just trying to keep me safe. My new home will need to be willing to keep me on leash for at least a few weeks, even inside the fence, give my my own space to decompress, and ALWAYS supervise me outside. But I promise that the reward will be a pup who couldn't possibly love you anymore than I will. I haven't met a cat, but I think I would do ok if it was a playful cat. And kids would be WAY too scary for me. Things like hair dryers and the vent on the stove are scary, so I can't even imagine what those noisy tiny humans would do to my nerves. Yikes! 


My foster mom says that under my fear, I have some of that trademark secret doxie sass! I like to think that her food is my food and try to sneak my head in her bowl/plate. Sometimes during naps, I try and steal her pillow and push her off of it, I mean... I am a little prince afterall. And when she tells me NO, I look SUPER offended and make both of my ears stand up so that she sees that clearly I should be allowed to do what I want since I'm scared, right?!? Sometimes she just doesn't get me. :-) Overall though, I just have some fear and the need for a family who will keep me safe and secure. Do you think that you have the right home for me? 


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