Millie's Sponsorship Page

Name: Millie

DOB: 4/1/2017

Weight: 40 lbs

Adoption Fee: 200.00

Miss Millie came into rescue about 10 months ago from Houston, Texas. While we don’t know exactly what life was like for Millie, we do know that in her short 3 or 4 years, it was not good and people were not nice to her. Millie is what we would like to call a work in progress. Everyday she gains a little bit of confidence in herself, in the people around her and in her ability to just be a dog. Over the last 10 months in her foster home she has gone from a completely shut down and scared dog that only hid in the back of her kennel for days at a time to a dog that learned to initially trust her pack of dogs in the home. The dogs have shown her what to do with dog toys, how to run laps around the backyard, why its cool to bark at squirrels when they run up the trees and how to wrestle with them. Her current foster home does bring in new foster dogs and Millie does require slow introductions and needs her space while acclimating to the new dog. She likes to take meeting new dogs on her own terms and rambunctious puppies are not her favorite. That being said, having a dog or two in her forever home that can take her under their wing and continue to guide Millie on her path to confidence as a dog is key to her success and happiness.

People is where it gets tricky for Millie. Her foster family spent months gaining her trust just to be able to touch her. She is still unable to be put on a leash, when she sees a leash she panics. She does love to be near her people now. She wants to be in the same room with everyone and will even sit near on the couch. She likes to sleep on a dog bed in her foster parents room at night with her foster siblings. Millie LOVES comfort… if there is a pillow, blanket or soft spot on the couch, she will find it and burrow into the spot.  When she is in just the right mood and everyone is calm, she will allow her foster mom and sometimes foster dad to rub her belly and scratch her face and ears. She will even flop onto her back, but it is always on Millie’s time and at her pace. She always needs to be approached at her level and never from above her. She loves to be told how pretty she is and her foster family thinks she even smiles when they give her compliments! She is very food motivated, girl LOVES to eat. She is still working on taking treats from someone’s hand, but she knows the sound of the fridge opening, the crinkle of the cheese wrapper or the dog treat container opening and comes running.

Millie likes to play outside with her doggie friends and will come to the back door when called. When she comes back into the house she will want her person to step out of the way so that the doorway is clear for her and no scary people are in the way! She has many quirks and many of them are manageable and then many of them may start to go away as she continues to come out of her shell. She still loves her kennel, but no longer hides in it. She knows the command Kennel and will “kennel” when asked to. She also knows “sit” and we have been working on “place”. A trainer has come out to Millie’s foster home to work with her and will continue to invest time into Millie to get her on the right track to be successful in a forever home

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