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Esther Dot

Name: Esther

DOB: 1/4/2020

Weight: 30 lbs

Adoption Fee: 400

*The breed of a shelter puppy is often times a guess based on what traits the dog presents when they are brought into the shelter. We cannot guarantee the breed or size they will be full grown.*

Oh HI! I’m ESTHER! But I answer to Dot/Dottie but my foster parents call me Weasel Bean! . I was originally from Texas and my siblings and I made the trek to Minnesota as just wee puppies at 8 weeks old. It’s likely we were abandoned without our mom as we were thin and not in the best shape but thankfully Ruff Start stepped in!

I’m currently around 11 months old and just a petite little bean. I only weigh about 30lbs and my foster family doesn’t think I’ll get much bigger. I’m the life of the party around here and LOVE that there’s always another dog to play with me and keep me entertained! I haven’t been around cats at all, but due to my uber excitable personality and ruff play style, it’d be best if I didn’t live with any siblings of the feline or critter variety or small dogs as I don’t want to hurt them.  I also haven’t lived with kiddos, but I definitely would prefer to not live with them - or at least have them be 12 or older so they can really understand me. As you’ll see, I’m a puzzling little lady!

You know how I said I’m the life of the party? Well, I’m pretty used to getting my own way, so I can be real sassy when I don’t like what I’m being told to do. My foster family is teaching me rules and manners, though, and I’ve caught on super quick to their routine! I know sit, down, and “touch” and I just learned the “wait” command, so I’m pretty darn smart if I do say so myself. I am crate trained and potty trained too, but I’ve had a few accidents when my foster mom wasn’t paying attention to my signals. 

So I sound awesome, right? Well, everyone’s got some stuff, and here’s mine. I’m a pretty particular gal and only the perfect family will do for a princess like me!

-I do NOT like when anyone touches my collar, my neck, or my paws. To show you I don’t like it, I will growl and grumble at you. This is my warning sign that you need to give me my space. My mom and dad are working hard to help me overcome this fear, but it takes time, and it might always be a trigger for me.

-I am really scared at the vet’s office and panic to the point that examining me is really stressful for everyone involved. I will need a patient adoptive family to help me learn that the vet isn’t a scary place, and we’ll have to make trips there together that teach me positive reinforcement with lots of treats.

-I’m not great about sharing my toys with other pups right now. I’m working on learning how to do it, and it’s going well, but I need my space when I decide that toy is MINE! In the same vein, I do eat in a separate space as the other dogs in my home because I tend to get overprotective of my chow, too.

-I need an active family who will exercise me and provide me lots of mental stimulation and training. As my foster mom says, a tired pup is a good pup! Having another dog in the home is a good way for me to burn some of that energy, but any siblings I have must match my rough and tumble play style, and be ready to play like all the time!

-Because I’m so intelligent and I need such a strong leader to make me the best puppy I can be, obedience classes will absolutely be a requirement for me. It’ll be a great way for us to get to know each other and bond together!

My new owners will have to be committed to setting me up for success by working closely with my foster mom and dad to understand me during the transition period, which might be very challenging for everyone. I may not be the easiest little whippersnapper to adopt but I’m hopeful you’ll think I’m worth it!


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