Bruno's Sponsorship Page

Name: Bruno
DOB: 12/22/2011
Weight: 20 pounds
Adoption Fee: 125.00

Hi, I'm Bruno! If you don't mind just letting me be me, petting me for short durations, and if you don't have visitors, almost ever, and if you have a fenced yard all to yourself, than I'm your guy!
I like women more than men and I prefer a quiet household. While I can sort of get along with another small dog, I would prefer not to have to. I am missing an eye and my sight seems to be going in my other eye, and I have some arthritis so I much prefer few stairs. I do not like a lot of activity, little kids or chaos.
I like to be pet for small amounts of time, but ONLY once I trust you, and it takes me quite a while to do that.
I will lose my mind at the sight of other dogs, and will try to grab at anything or anyone within my reach when I am all worked up. I have a history with being bitey, so please be ready to be proactive with me. I can be muzzled once I trust you, though I don't enjoy wearing it just yet. I am crate trained but I must choose to enter, you mustn't push me, or swoosh me in.
I'm getting older and am looking for a retirement home to call my own. A nice couple, or single lady that don't want to have friends or family over a lot. I can and should be put in my crate with visitors; I will not trust them, and if pushed, I do get very snippy. 
I'm a very kind loving guy once trust is established. I love head pets, belly rubs, treats and to be talked to. I will jump on your leg looking for attention. I like to go for walks in my yard, and will do my business and come right back to you, unless I see another dog. If I see a dog I will try to start a fight, which is why I need a fenced yard. I know I am a hard sell, but to the right family I have a lot of love to give. I struggled with trips to the vet and groomer due to my lack of trust, so I had to be put under for my checkup and to get my hair cut. If you can muzzle me before I go, that may help. I think I would love it if you could just muzzle me and clip my hair yourself, but we have not tried that yet in my foster home.
Ps. Chicken is my favorite treat!

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