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Name: Minne  DOB: November 2018 Weight: 66 lbs Adoption Fee: $0

*Minne was diagnosed with Addison's disease and will need to stay on daily medication and her bloodwork monitored for Percorten injections. Depending on the veterinary clinic, we have estimated her monthly veterinary costs to be $300 a month*

Please see attached article for more information on Addison's Disease in dogs.  https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/addisons-disease-in-dogs-overview

Hello friends, my name is Minne! I was saved from a very rough situation but I am happily looking to my new future ahead! I am a huge snuggle bug that absolutely adores my people. One of my all-time favorite activities is to cuddle up in front of the warm fireplace.

I’m also a huge fan of toys of all kinds, especially the ones that squeak, those ones are the best! I get a little carried away while playing with toys, they usually end up mangled and torn by the time I am done with them. I enjoy playing ball too and am currently working on “drop it” when I bring it back to you. Some of the super fun tricks that I already know are; sit, stay, lay down & shake! I’m working really hard on a few other manners, like walking on a leash and not jumping up on you when I am excited or playing. I’m a quick learner though and extremely eager to please, so I know I can master both in no time! I currently walk best with a gentle leader, rather than a regular leash or harness. I am extremely motivated by treats and toys, which makes teaching me new tricks a breeze! I’m an active girl that has a lot of energy to burn off. I love going on walks and spending time outside doing zoomies around the yard! I would love a home with a fenced yard so I know that I’ll always have somewhere to run and play. I like to find sticks and other objects to chew on while I’m outside, so be sure to keep an eye on me! I don’t even mind this chilly weather we’ve had, just throw a sweater on to keep me warm and I’m good to go!

I am great in my kennel when you are away from home, I will even go in on command. However, if you are home, I just want to spend time hanging out with you and I will make sure you are aware of that. If I must be kenneled while you are home, melatonin and a blanket over the kennel help me stay calm. I am rocking the whole potty-training thing; I just need you to keep me on a consistent schedule so I don’t have a slip-up. I occasionally might have an accident in the house or in my kennel but I’m continuing to work very hard on it. I’ve even learned how to signal that I need to go out by doing circles by the door or pawing at the door.

I love my humans so much that sometimes I will guard them when other dogs are around. My foster family thinks some of these behaviors might be anxiety from my past and are hopeful that with time I will overcome them. In fact, a basic obedience class would likely do wonders for some of these behaviors, help me build my confidence, and create a great foundation to form a bond with my new family. Ideally, I would love a home where I can have people all to myself!   

In the meantime, if you have questions or are interested in me, please fill out an adoption application at www.ruffstartrescue.org.

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