Shilo's Sponsorship Page

Name: Shilo
DOB: 5/2/2009
Weight: 50lbs
Adoption Fee: $200

My name is Shilo and I’m a sweet senior lady looking for the perfect retirement home!

I was well loved and well cared for in my previous home, but unfortunately my owners were no longer able to care for me. I’ve had a few homes in my life and am looking for my last and final home to live out the rest of my years with a family that spoils me.

Aside from some health issues, I am a darn-near perfect dog! I am potty trained, crate trained, good with other dogs, and strangers. No info on cats and kids, but based on my sweet and gentle personality, my foster parents think I would be fine with them too.

I am a nap queen and my absolute favorite thing to do is find the biggest, comfiest dog bed and snuggle in. I sleep under my foster mom’s desk during the day while she’s working and am such a great little work companion during the day.

Even though I am 11 years old, I still have some spurts of puppy playfulness in me. I do enjoy toys, short walks, and rolling around in the backyard. I am a silly ole’ gal and make my foster parents laugh throughout the day. Sometimes when I’m taking a nap during the day, I’ll wake up suddenly and then RUN over to my foster parents as fast as I can. It’s like I’m late to a very important meeting of getting pets from my foster parents. Once I get all of the pets I want, I go back to my bed and snuggle in for another nap. It makes my foster parents laugh every time. I’m also a very snuggly girl. I love sitting on the couch with my foster family and gently pawing and nudging at them for more pets. I’m not shy when it comes to asking for more pets!

Since I am a senior gal, I do have some health conditions for my potential adopter to consider.

-I have Osteoarthritis which means I have sore joints. I take Carprofen every day to help with pain and inflammation. I am also on joint supplements and fish oil to help with joint stiffness. This helps tremendously. I am still able to get around fine, go up and down stairs, and go for short walks, but I can get sore at the end of the day with a lot of activity. Sometimes when I get sore at the end of the day, I can have some shaking/tremors in my back legs. As long as I am consistent with my Carprofen and supplements, these symptoms are well managed. I’ll need a family that doesn’t mind slow walks with me and going at my pace.

-I have a condition called Laryngeal Paralysis. This is a condition that affects my windpipes which means that I am a noisy breather and pant a lot. No treatment or medication is needed for this at this time, but you will notice that I make a lot of mouth noises. My foster parents think it’s cute and endearing. I’m just a snorty, noisy ole’ gal!

-I have had multiple UTI’s in the past, so my family has switched me to a prescription urinary food diet. My UTI’s are well managed now that I am on this special food. I’ll need a family that can keep me on this special diet for the rest of my life.

-My eyesight is a little off. I get around great, but sometimes I have a hard time seeing things in front of me. For example, if my foster parents throw a treat for me, it might take me a few extra seconds to find it. This doesn’t slow me down at all, but just something for my future adopters to know.

I am as sweet as can be and would be so grateful to find my forever home. Senior dogs like me are so special and help people to “stop to smell the roses”. I will fill my new family’s life with joy, snuggles, and laughter. 


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