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Name: Ember-Ann
DOB: 10/16/2012
Adoption Fee: $150

Hello! My name is Ember-Ann! I'm a little bit of a special case so bare with me here. I just want to get all my quirks known so that when the perfect person reads this there won't be any surprises. I take awhile to settle in and during that time I just need my space. When I'm ready I'll approach you for some love. I promise eventually I will get there. I just need time. I also need to be the only animal in the home. I just am not a fan of them and need a home of my very own. Once I've settled in and deemed you worthy of my love I will purr and seek out attention (but this could take a month or more). I mostly just sleep to be honest. A window to look out of would also be nice! When my foster mom first met me I hissed, spit and swatted at her but now we are good friends. Like I said, my main thing is time. I've had a lot of changes in my life. See my people gave me up because I wasn't getting along with the other cat in the home (did I mention how much I HATE other animals?) and they were having a brand new baby. So I came here and here I have stayed. I've come along way because she's been very patient with me but I'm ready to have a home of my own so I don't have to be confined to just a room, I'm looking for an entire house! I probably won't be the type that greets strangers (I'll probably hide) and it's not yet determined if I'm a lap cat or not. Right now I am seeking my foster mom out for attention though so that's promising! Basically I'm a work in progress who needs someone special to see the potential that's in me. Is that you? If not that's okay but I'm really hoping it is! 

If you have questions or are interested in me, please fill out an adoption application at www.ruffstartrescue.org.

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Ruff Start Rescue Adoption Policies: http://www.ruffstartrescue.org/info/display?PageID=11744

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