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Ellie* Bonded with Winston*

Name: Ellie 
Adoption Fee: $125.00

Miss Ellie as her foster refers to Ellie as, is a beautiful, loyal, loving little lady, that loves to be where you are. She’ll lay by your feet and follow you around, she’s like a quiet little heartbeat at your feet. She is vocal, when she wants a treat, wants to go out or if you just want to have a conversation with her, she’ll be happy to do this with you. Ellie has very few teeth and will need soft food.
Ellie loves walks, laying in a soft bed or just hanging out and she absolutely loves to be pet, getting and giving kisses and hugs. She is a joy and comfort to have around, especially when she lays next to you.
Ellie and Winston are bonded, where one goes, the other follows, they are in love and watch out for each other, and will only be adopted together. Neither dogs would be good in an apartment setting, they do bark when they hear a noise outside and when they get excited, which we’re working on, outside of that, they’re pretty quiet.
Both dogs do really well being groomed and actually enjoy it.They are both sweet hearts and they’re a joy to be around.
They’re looking for a quiet retirement home, with a person/people that enjoy walks and just hanging out. They ride great in the car, so they’d be good little travel buddies.
Both dogs are good with all animals and people and both are potty trained. Winston may initially try to “mark” as he did when I first got him, but he quickly learned not to, using the word “NO” when caught in the act consistently, that, that is not ok and has stopped in the house. These 2 are little treasures and are a joy to have a round!

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Ruff Start Rescue Adoption Policies: http://www.ruffstartrescue.org/info/display?PageID=11744

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