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OK - I'm Ready! Alright, you have decided adoption is the way to go and you are ready to submit an Adoption Application.

Before doing so, please take a moment to review our requirements for adoption below and save yourself and our volunteers some time.  

We are a 100% spay/neuter rescue, which means ALL of our adoptable pets will be altered prior to adoption.  On top of that, we also require that your animals are altered as well.  We exist because there are many homeless and neglected animals in the world that are in need and our way of working towards a No-Kill Nation is by requiring any of our foster &/or adoptive families to have altered pets.  Any applicant that has an unaltered animal will be denied.

All of the animals in our rescue are living in homes, with their foster families.  This is an environment we prefer over a shelter environment, where many of our rescued pets were saved from.  Going from a caged off section of a loud shelter or pound to a home environment is not an easy transition.  Our fosters work very hard to acclimate these animals to living as a normal dog or cat would live in a home with a loving family.  Any forever home for our rescued pets needs to be looking for a companion animal - a pet that will live primarily inside their home, not chained up outside -- forced to eat, sleep, and relieve themselves in the same filthy patch of dirt, far from the human companions they long to be with.  We understand that the majority of pets love spending time outside, and that is no issue by us.  We just ask that the animal you are looking to adopt becomes a pet, not a lawn ornament or a 'guard dog'.  Our rescued pets need to become a part of a family.

Each animal has its own inherent characteristics and we ask that you take these into consideration before deciding to adopt.  We do not allow any medically unnecessary surgical procedures to be performed on any of our rescued pets, before or after adoption.  This includes declawing, defanging of cats and debarking or cropping/docking of a dogs tail &/or ears. We are strongly against declawing of cats. If you would like information on the negative effects of declawing, please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with educational material.

The decision to bring a pet into your family should be a family decision, not a surprise gift. Everyone, including the children, should educate themselves on the different breeds of dog or cat they are interested in to determine what would fit best into their lifestyle. Giving a pet to someone as a gift is assuming the pet you chose is what they need/want and choosing that they are willing to accept this responsibility and be willing to care for this pet for the next 15 or so years.  Our adoption process consists of a 'meet and greet', where the animal meets everyone residing in the adoptive home - including other animals, as well as a 'home visit', where one of our volunteers visits the adoptive home to ensure it is a safe and appropriate new home for the specific animal.  We will not approve an application for an animal that is going to be given as a gift or surprise 


Rarely adopt out of state

95% of all adoptions take place in MN. We rarely allow adoptions out of state unless the animal has been in the rescue for a long time or is an animal that is harder to place (for example: certain breeds, age, behavior, health issue ) We do adopt to western Wisconsin however. The reason for this is because we have many Minnesota potential adoption applications that come through for most animals so if we can lessen the traveling stress for animals we want to try. Also, the home visit takes longer to perform and find someone from out of state to perform that for us. You are welcome to still apply or email to ask if we would consider an out of state adoption if you are interested in a particular animal. You can email  

Adoption is easy to do and by doing so you are saving more than just one life.  Each animal that is adopted frees up one of our Foster homes to take in another.  When we take another animal into rescue we are also freeing up that space in the shelter/pound to be able to take in another animal in need.  So in all reality, by adopting one pet you are saving 3! You don't have to be a hero, just someone willing and ready  to bring the endless love of a pet into your life.


This year in America, 8 million pets will end up in shelters and half of them will be euthanized because they never find a home. The facts tug at the heartstrings, but there are also practical matters at hand. According to Humane Alliance and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), caring for those pets will cost taxpayers at least $1 billion. It's a lot of money spent on a problem that can be turned around rather easily, if we adopt our pets. And encourage our friends to do the same.


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