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Placement Coordinating 

Placement Coordinator Email Group- placement@ruffstartrescue.org

Julie Lessard, Placement Coordinator Manager

Kathryn Hauser, Placement Coordinator

Kelly Hipsag, Placement Coordinator

Missy Johnson, Placement Coordinator

Rachel Hammes, Placement Coordinator

Kelli Oneil, Placement Coordinator

Pam Kroter, Placement Coordinator

Stacy Melby, Placement Coordinator

Allison Collete, Placement Coordinator

Molly Burns, Placement Coordinator

Carolyn Lewis, Placement Coordinator

Terry Rick, Placement Coordinator

Danielle Cain, Placement Coordinator

Sue Hartinger, Placement Coordinator

Holly Schenz, Placement Coordinator


Foster Coordinating

Foster Coordinator email group- foster@ruffstartrescue.org

Julie Lessard, Foster Coordinator Manager

Eileen Young, Foster Coordinator

Rachel Hammes, Foster Coordinator

Cami Basta, Foster Coordinator


Adoptions Email Group- adoptions@ruffstartrescue.org

Shayla Lomenda, Adoptions Coordinator

Foster Home Handbook

Facebook Foster Group

Facebook Volunteer Group

Foster Flyers to print and hang up!

Foster List

Home Visit Checklist

*Animal Bio Form

*Animal Info Form  

How to Write Pet Profiles (Examples and ideas)

Canine Home Visit Form - Electronic

Feline Home Visit Form - Electronic

Our Vet Clinics for fosters to use:
(always check with vetting@ruffstartrescue.org prior to making an appt)
(We use some vets for different things depending on pricing)

  1. Northwoods Animal Hospital (Princeton)
  2. Scenic Hills Animal Hospital (St.Paul)
  3. St.Francis Veterinary Clinic (St.Francis)
  4. Monticello Pet Hospital (Monticello)
  5. MN SNAP (Minnesota Spay Neuter Assistance Program)
  6. Kindest Cut: Upcoming Surgery Dates


Veterinary Partner: Animal health info

DogChannel.com - Training Info




Vetting Email Group- vetting@ruffstartrescue.org                  

Megan Youngs, Vetting Coordinator

Kelly Sundeen, Vetting Coordinator

Allison Lamminen/Colette, Vetting Coordinator

Mindy Jones, Vetting coordinator 

Shannon Morgan, Vetting Coordinator

Ryann Larsen, Vetting administrative assistant

Lisa Kertz, Mobile Unit Surgery Scheduler

Laurel Sipe, Microchip Coordinator

Shari Morris, Microchip Coordinator




Julie Lessard, Director of Operations 

Accounting Email Group- accounting@ruffstartrescue.org      

Azure Davis, Accounting Administrive Role
Katie Snyder, Bookkeeper

Website Updates Group-website@ruffstartrescue.org    

Kathryn Hauser, Website Bio Updates

Rachel Ostadker, Website Updates

Jayne Helgevold, Website Bio Updates

Success Stories/ Happy Tails,   success@ruffstartrescue.org

Grants Email - grants@ruffstartrescue.org

Jenna Trisko, Grant Writer

Jenelle Montoya, Grant Writer


Donations Email Group-  donations@ruffstartrescue.org

Jackie Mabin, Donation Recorder

Kate Cole, Donations Recorder

Pamela DuPont, Donations Recorder

General Info Email Group info@ruffstartrescue.org  -Will send auto response


Fundraising & Events

Events Email Group-  events@ruffstartrescue.or g

Kayla Boerma, Fundraising & Events Coordinator Back up

Leah Bronken, Fundraising & Events Back up

Wendy Doric, Fundraising Assistant

Holly Davies, Adoption Day Manager




Volunteer Email Group- volunteer@ruffstartrescue.org

Sammie Bistodeau, Volunteer Coordinator

Beth Sullivan, Volunteer Coordinator




Intake Email Group- intake@ruffstartrescue.org

Missy Johnson, Intake Manager

Crystal Berggren, Intake Coordinator

Kelli O'Neil, Cat Intake Coordinator

Pam Krotzer, Cat Intake Coordinator

Azure Davis, Intake Back Up

Julie Lessard, Intake Back up



Board of Directors (currently being revamped and added to in 2013)

Board Email Group- board@ruffstartrescue.org                    
Azure Davis, President & Founder

Julie Lessard, Treasurer

Sammie Bistodeau, Secretary

Alanna Davis, Director

Gina Rasset, Director

Diana Krueger, Director

Chris Maddox, Director